We all know satan is the father of all lies, but what most don’t know is how those lies alienate us from God. All corrupt doctrine about God was planted in earth by rebellious, “fallen” angels. The most corrupt alliance between man and the wicked one was the inter-breeding between fallen angels and the daughters of men that produced the Nephilim, an unholy breed of demons with bodies of men. They taught all negative doctrine about God to men and it has been passed on for 6,000 years. Join me this week for Impact CyberChurch and learn the source of all faith-robbing doctrine and how you can guard your heart against it!

Apocalypse: A Spiritual Guide to the Second Coming

Unlike anything you have ever read or heard preached about the return of Jesus. You will finally end your confusion and have a plan for the future that makes sense. Plus, with almost every chapter there are sections devoted to how we can apply the information we learned.

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