The World’s System

The destruction of moral people occurs because they attempt to treat everyone as moral!

Introduction to Chapter 25:

ANCIENT HISTORY COUPLED WITH EVENTS OF THE 19TH AND 20TH CENTURIES ACTUALLY SET THE STAGE FOR THE PERFECT EXPRESSION OF THE WORLD’S SYSTEM. When man began to consider himself enlightened he dismissed as legend or myth the ancient stories of giants and beings with near supernatural powers. God, the devil and demons were relegated to the same category as Santa Claus and the tooth fairy. In their conceit they rejected the biblical account of God, creation, the identity of man and the spiritual history of the world. They were too wise in their own eyes to believe such nonsensical stories.

Spiritual Guide

(The Spiritual Guide section of each chapter should be reviewed after reading the corresponding chapter.)
At this moment you may be on the right track more than you realize. You know what few people understand. You know God’s account of history and how the world has reached this dark place. Hopefully, by now you have freed yourself from the Luciferian doctrine that blames God for all the chaos and tragedy that has befallen the world. If you still struggle with the belief in a judgmental God you may want to consider reading my book, The Gospel of Peace. It will give you the full scriptural terms of the New Covenant and it will change the way you see God!

As you move forward create a deliberate awareness that we are in this world but we do not have to be of this world. We do not have to nor should we attempt to resort to the same tactics the World’s System employs for success or happiness. We will build our lives, our businesses, and our families on God’s truth. We must choose to walk in love no matter what the standard of carnal behavior becomes. Jesus warned that as “lawlessness abounds love will grow cold” (Matthew 24:12). We cannot let the dishonesty and corruption of the World’s System justify our turning from faith, hope, and love. If we allow our hearts to become hard and insensitive we will not be able to hear and follow the God’s leadership as He speaks in our heart for victory and survival.

Walking in love does not make us doormats. When Jesus sent His disciples before Him to minister He said, “Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves” (Matthew 10:16). We are to be cautious, discrete, using practical skills, yet harmless, or as the Greek implies: innocent, free from guile and singleminded. We will not allow ourselves to be envious of the wicked when they prosper through corrupt means. We will treasure God, family, peace and joy. We cannot allow ourselves to be foolish or naïve in relating to the world. Without being judgmental we cannot forsake our values.

Learning the subtle but skillful art of guarding our hearts will be one of the greatest challenges as corruption and iniquity continue to escalate. We must avoid that which has the ability to vex us. Vexation is a form of obsession. When we are vexed or obsessed we are like a drunk unable to defend himself against the weakest enemy. Our hearts are guarded with the breastplate of righteousness. This begins with persuading our hearts that we are righteous because we are in Jesus. But as the Apostle John points out, our behavior has great influence on our hearts. We can’t attempt to believe one thing about ourselves while practicing something else. Walk in love and righteousness, thereby your heart won’t condemn you! Keeping our hearts free from guilt and obsession frees us to hear and follow the God’s voice! Guarding our hearts is our secret weapon that keeps us connected to our Source of peace and power.

The following chapters reveal what we already know about the current condition of our nation and the world. Admitting these problems is not negativity or pessimism, nor is it designed to stimulate fear. We cannot ignorantly deny the depravity of mankind apart from Jesus. We cannot assume others will be fair, kind or honest. While we do not want to be rebels or dissidents we cannot deny the Word of God and the history of the world and blindly think the government exists for our good. We must finally say, “Yes, I can admit the truth about the condition of the world and know there is still hope for me, my family and those who choose to trust and follow God. I am in the world but I am not of the world. As a citizen of the Kingdom of God my life is governed by the laws of God, not the laws of man. Yet, in this world I will be a peacemaker. I will be the light in the darkness!

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