The Last Great Deception

Satan is like the playground bully; he has the least power but the loudest voice!

Introduction to Chapter 36:

AT THIS POINT WE MUST ONCE AGAIN REMIND OURSELVES WHY DECEPTION IS THE TOOL OF THE ENEMY. He does not have the ability (authority) to force anything on anyone! One of the great Luciferian lies is the idea that man gave his authority to Satan at the fall. Even if that were true (which it isn’t), Jesus clearly received all authority at the resurrection. Unless Satan can seduce a person into yielding their authority (rights) to him he cannot act upon it; therefore, deception is his only real tool. This is why he is the father of lies. Lies are the power of deception. Negative emotions that emerge when we believe lies become the false verification that lies are true! Unbelief in God’s truth facilitates fearful feelings that give rise to these false witnesses.

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