Introduction to Section Three

The Church to the 20th Century

Never count God or His people out; where sin abounds grace always abounds more abundantly. We are here to stay and we are here to win!

THE BOOK OF ACTS GIVES US THE DYNAMIC HISTORY OF THE EARLY CHURCH BEGINNING IN JERUSALEM WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT BEING POURED OUT ON BELIEVERS AND THE GOSPEL SPREADING THROUGHOUT MUCH OF THE KNOWN WORLD. Just as it was in the Old Testament, there are parallel histories occurring seemingly independent of one another, but in truth they are deeply entwined.


Spiritual Guide

Right now a new Book of Acts is being written in a heavenly record. All we can see is a gross darkness emerging on the earth. With our natural eyes we cannot see that, peppered through every church in the world as well as outside of the formal Church, a new kind of believer is coming up. Men and women who, like those in the early Church, will not compromise. They will perform incredible tasks that will make the greatest miracles of the Bible seem commonplace. This new breed is sold out, committed, and ready to live or die for the Kingdom of God. Up to the 20th century the road has been paved for the greatest evil the world has ever known, but God always preserves a remnant.

The Church is like Samson. Yes, we have been corrupt, weak, and carnal but there is a remnant that, like Samson’s hair, is growing back. As we believe the truth in our hearts we are awakened to our true identity in Jesus. We too will destroy the enemy that has oppressed us.

The more you connect to God in your heart, the more you have an inner awareness of that which cannot be seen. Elisha prayed for the eyes of his servant to be open so he would not fear the great army that had come against them (2 Kings 6:16-17). When his eyes were open he saw the angels that surrounded them providing protection. As we see with the eyes of our hearts we too will see that there are more with us and they are more powerful than those that are against us.

If we see only with our physical eyes our hearts will sink with fear. But as we develop our ability and willingness to hear and follow the voice of the Lord we will see the world more and more from His perspective. We will not fear the darkness; we will be the light in the darkness.

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