Conclusion to Section One

If you think wrath is what motivates God you will never be prepared to usher in the return of Jesus!

Introduction to Chapter 8:

IT WOULD BE SO EASY FOR KNOWLEDGEABLE BELIEVERS TO BECOME OVERWHELMED WITH THE CONDITION OF THE WORLD, AND EVEN MORE SO WITH THE CONDITION OF THE CHURCH. Because much of the research revealing occult involvement in government is done by unbelievers it only serves to paint a picture of hopelessness. Fear and desperation is never God’s goal. Those who have bought into the Luciferian doctrine of an angry, judgmental God have no refuge in such an overwhelming scenario.

Spiritual Guide

(The Spiritual Guide section of each chapter should be reviewed after reading the corresponding chapter.)
When Daniel saw his horrific vision of the triumphant Kingdom of God he said “those who know their God shall be strong and carry out great exploits.” (Dan 11:32) The key to surviving what lies ahead and ushering in the return of Jesus as Lord of the entire earth rests with the personal knowledge and experience of knowing God in your heart. Times will be so hard that we all could be tempted to surrender our faith. On the other hand, these same hard times will galvanize the faith of millions. Casual Christianity will be a thing of the past. There will be false signs, and wonders designed to deceive the elect, but there will be genuine miracles, signs, and wonders done by true disciples of the Lord Jesus. The compromised state church that promotes humanistic, Luciferian doctrine will pour out a flood of lies making those ignorant of Scripture question their own beliefs. But true believers will proclaim the message of the Kingdom of God in truth and in power to the ends of the earth. The threats of a government set on alienating all true faith will be inescapable without the leadership of the Lord. Yet, we will have such a clear, intense awareness of the Kingdom within and the coming earthly Kingdom of the Lord Jesus that we will be immovable in our resolve. And those who cannot hear and do not trust God’s voice will be powerless in the face of an onslaught of evil, while those who choose to trust God’s promises will experience grace to face and overcome every obstacle.

The Prophet Daniel had a vision of one horrible nation after another rising to dominate Israel and eventually oppress the Church until the triumphant Kingdom of God manifests on earth conquering all the kingdoms of this world. No matter how horrific, Daniel did not stop looking. He kept his eyes fixed on the Lord until he saw the stone cut out without hands destroy the ten-nation kingdom of the antichrist. Today we are discouraged because we look to the weak state of much of the Church and feel we could never overcome the kingdom of darkness. We have looked to our own strength more than God’s.

It is not going to be America or any other nation that delivers us; it will be the personal return of the Lord Jesus Christ! We will be transformed and by His power we will be the army He leads into absolute victory by His power and His might. Those who know their God will have the power to see beyond events that cause unbelieving heart to melt with fear and experience the life and power of God in absolute victory. It will not be the Church led by man that ushers in the victory; it will be a transformed Church under the personal leadership of our Lord and King.

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