Introduction to Section Five

We have asked the wrong questions; therefore, we have gotten the wrong answers!

BEING A CHILD OF GOD IS AN INTIMATE, TRUSTING RELATIONSHIP BUILT ON LOVE. Religion is little more than spiritual politics. Religionists, like politicians, specialize in answering the questions no one is asking. Since religion and the World’s System are driven by the same spirit, the characteristics of both are the same; the only real difference is the terminology. Both love to create a “straw man” to deflect attention away from the important issues. The World’s System introduces iniquity as a form of moral high ground. It is simply deceit by philosophy. Religion, however, introduces iniquity through legalism, mysticism and personal revelations. The most deadly form of iniquity is subtly abandoning Jesus’ teaching. While using Christian terminology they pervert our values and push us into asking ourselves the wrong questions. While we agonize over completely irrelevant issues we lose confi dence, intimacy and trust. Our faith becomes all about words and is devoid of power.