The Illusion of Freedom

The masses will always believe the lie, truth is too frightening!

Introduction to Chapter 28:

19TH CENTURY AMERICA SAW A MONUMENTAl SHIFT IN POWER AS MASSIVE WEALTH WAS TRANSFERRED TO A SMALLER GROUP WITH WHAT SEEMED TO BE A LIMITLESS LUST FOR WORLD POWER. The ambition and greed of a handful of men labelled the “Robber Barons” provided the opportunity for the few to rule over the many. It would be good at this point to remember through the spiritual delusion of the Great Whore the economy of a nation became justification for all manner of evil legislation. Anything could be justified in the name of keeping the economy strong.

Spiritual Guide

(The Spiritual Guide section of each chapter should be reviewed after reading the corresponding chapter.)
Since Ronald Reagan was in office Christians have believed we could turn America to righteousness through the political process. I do think that believers should be responsible citizens and voters; however, it is complete naiveté to think we can make any real difference at the polls unless it is accompanied by reaching our nation and the world with the Gospel of the Kingdom. The Gospel of the Kingdom is not about getting people saved, it is about bringing people into a relationship with the King! It is about making disciples, not converts. Remember, Christians supported Hitler and have supported many other ungodly, destructive political choices that have shattered our nation.

“How could that happen?” you might ask. “How could they consider themselves to be Christians?” Maybe you should ask: “Do I raise my children in the Word of God?” “Do I vet every politician based on his voting record and lifestyle?” “Do I handle my money the way God said?” “Do I even have a sense of how the Word of God would fit into my practical life?” “Am I a Christian or a disciple?”

America may be a Christian nation as far as percentages go, but it has never been a nation of disciples. The Word of God has had little meaningful influence on the way “Christians” vote. Most still vote party!

This may sound hopeless to you, but it is time to realize that Jesus said all this would be coming. If we were disciples, people who lived their lives, made their decisions and voted based on the principles of the Word of God, we would not be in the situation we’re in. Jesus did not call us to be Christians. He called us to be disciples. The questions you must ask are: “Am I really a disciple of the Lord Jesus?” “Do I have a clue what my life would look like if all my business dealings, all of my relationships, and all of my political decisions were made based on the Word of God?”

Become a disciple today. It is simply a choice. Then, read the Word of God from the perspective of application, not legalism, not attempting to earn something from God, but because you believe God is smarter than you, because you believe He is good and only good, and you believe His Word is a divine prescription for a great life. Learn how to be a disciple without being a judgmental, religious nut!

The essence of being your own god is the right to choose good and evil for yourself, independently of God’s Word. Surrender your right to choose to Jesus as your Lord. God will never force you to choose His Word. It will only be done because you trust Him and believe He loves you.

The masses will always follow those who offer them things they think they need for survival and security. Changing politicians is not the important factor in the equation; changing the hearts of the people through a relationship with Jesus is their only hope, and the only hope of any nation. When people are having their deepest needs met through the love of God they will no longer be blinded by the lies of those who seek to use and destroy them.

Political freedom is always an illusion. The only true freedom is in Jesus. All governments of the world, no matter how true and sincere their intention, operate on the principles of the World’s System. Only the Kingdom of God ruled by the Lord Jesus will show us what a just and righteous government looks like. Come quickly Lord Jesus!

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