The Rise of the Gods

The devil has presented an imposter for every truth essential to our salvation!

Introduction to Chapter 12:

THERE ARE MANY ACCOUNTS OF THE CONQUESTS OF NIMROD AND SEMIRAMIS AND THE SPREAD OF THEIR ANTI-GOD INFLUENCE. There is even credible consideration for the fact that Nimrod’s kingdom may have begun in Egypt and then spread to Mesopotamia. But the details are not important. What is important is the fact most of the world was conquered and corrupted by this anti-God Christ imposter! This ancient antichrist established the first major governments of the world.

Spiritual Guide

(The Spiritual Guide section of each chapter should be reviewed after reading the corresponding chapter.)
The Apostle John said that all that is in the world (the world’s system) is the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. There isn’t anything else. This is not a call to despair; it is a call to the only true and sure hope. Jesus will return, establish His Kingdom, rule and reign in righteousness, and eventually bring New Jerusalem to Earth, ushering the true new age of eternal peace and righteousness. Until then we can enter into the Kingdom realm in our hearts. We can experience righteousness, peace, and joy through our intimate relationship with our Lord and Savior.

We can live by the Kingdom values revealed in God’s commandments about how to treat one another. We govern our lives by the law of love. We can decipher the true principles of a happy and fulfilled life through Jesus’ parables of the Kingdom. And we can experience the ultimate eternal joy of introducing others to our Savior! We don’t have to wait for the outward expression of the Kingdom. We can enter this internal realm of God’s Kingdom through the door of our hearts. It doesn’t matter how much we change this world, we only experience the peace of God when it is found within.

In the end another false god will arise. He will come because of the sorrows that plague mankind. Eventually, the world will reach an unprecedented and unbearable level of chaos and tribulation. Through political correctness, fairness, false efforts to make all men equal (Socialism) and the eradication of all the values, morals, and standards of God expressed through His commandments (iniquity), we will have a (nearly) Godless world. With the ushering in the man of iniquity God’s definitions of love will be replaced with a carnal, sensual, selfish love and men’s hearts will grow cold. Brother will turn against brother, children against parents, neighbor against neighbor, and race against race. Many who call themselves Christians will be so tormented and fearful they will sell their souls for the false promise of peace of an external kingdom. Like the false gods of old, the government/occult/antichrist partnership will demand sacrifice, surrender, loss of individuality and the abandoning of all allegiance to God. But we know and walk with God. We will avoid the trap of deceit, unbelief, and surrender. We have an internal power “they know not of!”

All God has is ours now and all the benefits of His Kingdom can be enjoyed now. By learning to live in our heart, intimately connected with God, we have a peace, power and stability that few possess. But the key is to enter this realm now in times of relative ease, so it is not foreign to you in times of great chaos. Commit to the Lordship of Jesus. Do not reject any part of His Word, even when you do not understand it. Always walk in love no matter how great of an excuse you may have to do otherwise. Always yield to the voice and leading of the Spirit of God in your heart. Hold nothing back from God. One of the important laws of the Kingdom, based on the parable of the Pearl of Great Price, is that this life, this relationship with God and His trust, must be something you want badly enough to sell all else.

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