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(from the Preface of Apocalypse: A Spiritual Guide to the Second Coming)

How to Study this Book

This book is written to provide a clear spiritual history of the world from the fall of Lucifer to the present time. Based on a biblical understanding of the history of the world we will have a framework from which to understand the future. Unless we use what God has said about Himself, the World’s System*, and the work of the devil we will interpret futuristic prophecies from our personal opinions or current events. This means we will face the most challenging time in human history without the facts we need in order to understand and respond in faith!

This book is divided into what I believe to be crucial periods of history that serve as demarcation points for understanding the way Satan’s tactics have shifted and been refined. Understanding each of these historical periods gives unique insight into the strategy of our archenemy and his plans for our destruction. But more importantly, knowing these strategies combined with the specific instruction of our Lord equips us to be overcomers in any situation.

The historical sections are divided into these time periods:

  • Section 1 From Lucifer’s Rebellion to Abraham
  • Section 2 From the Tower of Babel to the Church
  • Section 3 From the Middle Ages to the 20th Century
  • Section 4 From the 20th Century to the Present
  • Section 5 From the Beginning of Sorrows to the Millennium

It is important to work your way through each section in order to have a full understanding of every word Jesus spoke concerning our preparation for overcoming. If you jump straight to the last section you will not understand the significance of the simple instructions Jesus provided for us to face the end times as well as any period of persecution.

It is not the goal of this book to explain all the possibilities of eschatology.* Hundreds of books that attempt to do so already exist. The goal of this book is to do what I have found in no other book on the end times. I want us to pay close attention to what Jesus taught us to do to prepare for the end times or any other period of persecution or hardship. It doesn’t matter what we know if we don’t know what Jesus told us to do!

At the end of each chapter will include a “Spiritual Guide” section. I encourage you to ponder, consider, and meditate on the points raised in this section of each chapter. You may even want to make a list of these points to review regularly as you develop your spiritual life around these priorities. There will also be links to a companion website that will provide expanded information on specific topics.

Some of the terminology in this book may not be familiar to you. Some terms are theological and some are terms I created to avoid the confusion that comes through misused terminology and religious definitions. When you see an asterisk * following a specific term, its definition will be included in the glossary at the back of this book. The digital editions of this book include live hyperlinks to the companion website which will provide definitions and/or expanded information.

The Introductions and Conclusions to each section will help you maintain perspective. In those sections that include so many negative historical events it is essential that you are able to bring your thoughts back to the ways in which God consistently provided provision and protection through Holy Spirit leadership for all who were willing to listen! If you feel unsettled after reading any section of this book go back and read the introduction and conclusion again. Focus on God’s faithfulness and settle your heart back to a place of peace. When you trade peace for fear, you lose focus on God our deliverer and over-focus on the work of the evil one! The goal of this book is to equip you, to provide a spiritual guide for the return of the Lord Jesus.

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