Control the Money and Control the World

The borrower is always servant to the lender; he who controls the money controls the world!

Introduction to Chapter 32:

THE CATCH PHRASE MADE POPULAR BY THE 1976 MOVIE ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN, “FOLLOW THE MONEY,” HAS TURNED OUT TO BE VERY ACCURATE. When you want to know who is in control, who is benefiting from something or where the corruption is in any given scenario simply follow the money. The trail of money leads to an understanding of true motives in many situations.

Spiritual Guide

(The Spiritual Guide section of each chapter should be reviewed after reading the corresponding chapter.)
Those who recognize the coming financial collapse are trying to make plans for the days ahead. I believe we should be prepared for financial collapse. I think we should always take steps to preserve ourselves and our family through crisis. But when the end comes there will be no safe place for your retirement, your bank account, or your food storage. Even if we have money, the time will come when we cannot buy or sell without the mark of the beast. In the early days of the collapse we will buy a short time of survival through diligent preparation, but in time those who overcome will be the ones who know, trust, and follow God’s voice in their heart. Any plan that looks to hiding wealth and food could lead to the mammon issue. We could find ourselves trusting our natural resources more than trusting God. I am, by no means, saying it is wrong to store and prepare, but that cannot be where we put our hope and trust.

Current laws originally passed by Republicans, then reinforced and expanded by Democrats give government the right to seize all of your resources. You can be placed on a potential terrorist list just for storing food. Those who push for “food justice” will make it illegal to grow your own food or to have any means of survival. Regardless of their motive, these iniquitous, “useful idiots” will knowingly or ignorantly make it impossible for anyone to survive beyond the will of the government. That is… for those who do not know the God that can feed you manna in the wilderness and get water or honey from a rock. It is time believers stop looking at these historical events of God’s protection, provision, and deliverance as children’s Bible stories. We should prayerfully read and meditate on these biblical events until we can see these miraculous events happen for us.

God is Jehovah-Jireh, the Lord that provides. We must personally know Him as the Provider. Our trust for survival must be rooted in Him. Our confidence in eternity must be the anchor for our soul. We cannot wait; we must disconnect from the Great Whore in our heart and in our way of thinking. While there are things we can do on an external level, the key is what happens in our heart. Is God our Source? Is Jesus our life? Is our treasure in Heaven or are we seeking something in this life to give us what can only be found in Him?

The Religionist would have you believe that money itself is evil. But as you know, the determining factor that makes anything evil or good is how it is used. Luciferian doctrine would make you believe God wants you poor. But abundant life and complete provision is a benefit of the New Covenant. Being in this world but not of this world is deeply related to our attitude toward material possessions. God gave the children of Israel the wealth of the Egyptians before they left the country. The wise men brought precious, costly gifts to Jesus at His birth. In both examples these were the resources that provided for them on their journey.

Do not develop a poverty mentality. Do not succumb to a legalistic, Luciferian poverty doctrine. God may make you a financial source for others. Enjoy the wealth you currently have at your disposal, but be sure and use it wisely and for Kingdom purposes. More than anything, make God your absolute Source! Be able to “walk through the valley of the shadow of death” with complete peace because you trust the One you follow.

If you struggle with your beliefs about God’s desire and willingness to help you prosper and provide for you in times of famine, you may want to read my book, Wired for Success, Programmed for Failure. I wrote this practical, how-to book to help people prepare their hearts for what we will face in the future!

Regardless of what happens in the world, we are under a better covenant than the children of Israel. We have better promises and our promises are sure because they are secured in Jesus. We should expect to have God’s leadership and provision every day through every circumstance!

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