America and the New World

The easiest lie to hide is that which is left out in the open until it becomes part of the culture. To fight against it is to fight against the culture!

Introduction to Chapter 20:

PROSPECTS OF A NEW WORLD MEANT A NEW LIFE FREE FROM THE CONSPICUOUS, OVERSHADOWING EYE OF A TYRANNICAl GOVERNMENT. Many, tired of oppression and religious persecution, were willing to sacrifice land, possessions, jobs, security and fortune for the opportunity to live in some measure of freedom, very specifically religious freedom.

Spiritual Guide

(The Spiritual Guide section of each chapter should be reviewed after reading the corresponding chapter.)
Joseph, Daniel, the three Hebrew children and others thrived in anti-God nations. They didn’t fight against the government and they didn’t lead rebellions. Jesus, Paul and the early apostles did not focus their attention on Rome with all its injustices; they sought God and spread the gospel. But where it became “life and death” was when it was a question of whom they would obey. If a revolution would solve the problem Jesus would have led a revolution, but His kingdom, as of this moment, is not of this world!

The question for many comes down to, “Have you walked in full trust of God’s Word long enough to see and experience the value it brings to your life, or have you simply clung to God while despising His commands?” The question is not, “What will I do when the New World Order takes full control of my religious freedom?” The question is, “What am I doing with my religious freedom now?”

Now we must use our time, life, and resources for more than comfortable living. It is time for us to put the Kingdom and His righteousness first. We cannot surrender to pessimism and fear; we must begin living for an eternal purpose. As the nations become more corrupt and controlling we must open our hearts to God and allow Him to give us more freedom. In oppressed countries all across the world believers are multiplying the gospel, seeing miracles, having personal encounters with Jesus and thriving in the midst of persecution. We need to thrive in the freedom we have for the purposes of the Kingdom.

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