What Happens Next?

There is nothing confusing about Jesus’ teaching until we try to make it say what we want it to say!

Introduction to Chapter 40:

JESUS DIDN’T FORETELL THE END SO WE WOULD LIVE IN FEAR. He foretold the end and all the events leading up to it so we would feel safe. Knowing He sees the end from the beginning (Matthew 24:25, John 14:29) is a major source of hope for many reasons. When things begin to unravel just as His Word describes, we can look to the promise and realize, just as sure as the tribulation has come the deliverance will also come! Additionally, when things do not take us by surprise it is easier to stand. Nothing throws us off balance more than being taken by surprise. Knowing what is coming gives us the opportunity to prepare for the attack. Knowledge of the future is not, however, just a defensive benefit. If we take Jesus’ teaching seriously our preparation will be more about facing and conquering than just surviving. Those who experience His return as a thief in the night are not reading the signs. They will not only be surprised they will most likely become despondent, fearful and deceived.

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