The Eternal Reminder

The most brutal bully is the one who couldn’t win the fight but bluffs his opponents into submission.

Introduction to Chapter 14:

WHILE MAN HAS CONSTANTLY BEEN DECEIVED ABOUT THE STATUS AND STRENGTH OF THE ETERNAL PLAYERS IN THE HEAVENLY CONFLICT, NEITHER GOD THE FATHER NOR LUCIFER THE FALLEN ARCHANGEl, HAVE FOR A MOMENT LOST SIGHT OF THE ETERNAL REALITY. The moment he was incapable of overthrowing the heavenly throne Lucifer knew his fate was sealed. When he approached the human race through the body of a serpent it was obvious he could not forcefully overthrow mankind. Every time he resorts to deceit instead of power he and his demons are reminded of the massive failure of their grand scheme.

Spiritual Guide

(The Spiritual Guide section of each chapter should be reviewed after reading the corresponding chapter.)
As the day of evil approaches let us learn to live in the authority of men created in the likeness and image of God. Let us do the works of God that all may see and believe the truth about our loving heavenly Father. Let us equip ourselves with the faith, obedience, and mind of the Spirit to help deliver the weak and fearful in the day of evil. But by no means should we bow our knee in fear to the wicked one who survives only as a deceiver and liar. The more we lead others to Jesus and to a realization of their true identity in Christ the more we hasten the day of the Lord’s return.

Every time we are victorious over sin, each time we win a person to Jesus, and each time we break the power of the wicked one in the life of a human being the entire underworld is reminded that Christ is in us and we are greater than any power they possess. Satan is reminded of his imminent eternal ending. To him it is as if there are millions of Jesus walking Planet Earth. Our victorious life is a terror to the fallen ones… the Azazels.

Let us determine that we will quell every fear we have of the devil by reminding ourselves of Jesus’ triumphal procession. We need not wait until the return of our Lord to see Lucifer’s defeat. If we will embrace it now in the Word of God the Holy Spirit will quicken it to our heart. Armed with truth we will live in power, love, and a sound mind. We will be vessels suitable for the Lord’s use. We will usher in His final return!

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