Control Through Fear

The first manifestation of the sin nature was not the desire to do evil; it was the tendency to fear!

Introduction to Chapter 26:

CONTROL IS NEVER GODLY, NO MATTER WHO DOES IT. Even more insidious is control through fear. Domination and control are a form of witchcraft and were strictly forbidden by the Lord Jesus. In Mark 10 the disciples wanted to know who would be in charge after Jesus departed. He made it clear that as ministers we are never to exercise lordship or authority over anyone. Because the Religionists don’t share the same objectives as the Lord Jesus, they see control as a reasonable and essential aspect of “ministry.” Sadly, the entire authority structure conjured up by carnal leaders is unscriptural.

Spiritual Guide

(The Spiritual Guide section of each chapter should be reviewed after reading the corresponding chapter.)
We are in the world but not of the world. As we come to a realization of Christ in us and us in Him we will no longer feel the need to follow men. We will follow the Word of God and the voice of God as He speaks in our heart through the Holy Spirit. It is absolutely essential that we realize no one can take our freedom from us, we can only surrender it, and that is exactly the goal of those who follow the Luciferian spirit. They want you to be so helpless that you give your authority to others.

Fear has little to do with external factors for the believer. In fact, where you focus your attention determines the ability of a real threat to consume you, not on the degree of threat. Those who habitually experience God in their heart will establish a lifestyle of looking and listening inwardly when faced with threat of danger. Doing this in times of relative peace will develop a lifestyle that we carry with us into any type of tribulation.

Keep in mind, every time you see the phrase “knowing God” or “knowing the Lord Jesus” this is not a reference to intellectual knowledge alone; this knowing is about experiencing. The only way to experience God on a regular basis is to meditate, ponder, reflect on, worship, praise and think about your experiences with God and His promises until they bring about a shift in your emotions and ultimately in your feelings. Feelings don’t go away when the emotions die down.

Heart Physics® is a program I developed to help the believer come to the abiding reality of “Christ in me.” When we have the abiding sense of His presence we tend to have a feeling of limitlessness. All things become possible because we are now seeing the world through the mind of Christ, the One who conquered sin, death, the grave, the devil and the curse of the law. When our paradigm is through His experience all things change! Fear has no ability to hold us.