The Father of All Lies

Very little we believe about the devil is based on God’s account of the facts!

Introduction to Chapter 2:

IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO FULLY COMPREHEND WHAT WILL HAPPEN AT THE END IF WE DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT HAPPENED IN THE BEGINNING. Unless we clearly understand Satan, his rebellion, how he works, and his precise goals we cannot understand his strategies. In fact, we can actually support his strategies thinking we are doing God a service. The tragedy is that very little of what we believe about the devil is based on God’s account of the facts. Most of it is based on occult concepts, which means it originated with the devil. Ironically, it is through religion that Satan introduced a deception about himself. We then teach these “religious” concepts as the basis to create our strategy for victory over him. No one wonder we are always fighting what, up until now, has been a losing battle!

Spiritual Guide

(The Spiritual Guide section of each chapter should be reviewed after reading the corresponding chapter.)
Sadly, men are destroyed by their own authority. Through ignorance, unbelief, or greed they participate in self-destruction. Then, because they believe the lies of the devil, they blame God for their suffering and still will not repent. If you choose to believe that which is contradictory to God’s Word you become powerless against Satan’s wiles.

There are some absolute decisions you must reach to understand the end of this age, how it will come, and how to avoid destruction. You may have to begin by praying: “God, I haven’t read anything like this before. I don’t know if I even actually believe what is written here, but I am willing to trust You. If this is Your truth bring me to this understanding!”

  1. God is good and only good. Every good and perfect gift is from Him.
  2. All pain and suffering is directly or indirectly the work of the devil.
  3. The devil is beaten. He knows he is beaten and he knows he cannot win.
  4. If the destruction of the devil comes into my life it is because I have on some level allowed it by believing a lie. He has no authority over me; I can resist him by believing the truth.
  5. God will never give the devil or his followers authority over me.

Two great resources to help you establish your heart in the goodness of God and the absolute victory over the devil are The Gospel of Peace and Satan Unmasked. If you struggle with the consistent, reliable goodness and faithfulness of God, you may want to read The Gospel of Peace before finishing this book!

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