Nimrod: The First Antichrist

Introduction to Chapter 5:

GENESIS 6:4 TELLS US TWO IMPORTANT THINGS ABOUT THE GIANTS (OR NEPHILIM AS THEY ARE CALLED IN HEBREW:) THERE WERE NOT ONLY NEPHILIM THEN (BEFORE THE FLOOD), BUT LATER AND THEY BECAME MIGHTY MEN OF RENOWN. This prepares us for the fact that there were Nephilim after the Flood, i.e. later. There is much debate about how this could have happened, but how it happened doesn’t concern me. The fact that it happened and how that relates to past and future history is the concern of this book.

Spiritual Guide

(The Spiritual Guide section of each chapter should be reviewed after reading the corresponding chapter.)
Being patriotic is not the same as trusting in government or belonging to a “party.” The Bible warns of rivalry, i.e. a “party spirit” as a work of the flesh. When one follows or trusts a party they follow the group and its opinions rather than following what is godly. Our Constitution was written around the idea that governments cannot be trusted and should have very limited power. Patriotism is more about our connection to the people and the Constitution than our connection to the government or any party.

Do not misunderstand; I am in no way encouraging anarchy. Until they conflict with our biblical beliefs and convictions we should obey the laws of the land. In America we currently have the opportunity to approve our politicians. We can evaluate their voting record as well as their words and actions. Based on those factors, we should decide if we will vote for them. We can only know a tree by its fruit – on in the case of politicians, their track record. To base our decision on anything else is judgment. To give them the benefit of the doubt for a bad voting record is judgment. If they vote for laws contrary to God’s definition of righteousness, morality, ethics, and justice we are, in fact, conspirators in their iniquity.

Based on God’s Word, ALL the kings of the Earth drink from the cup of fornication of the Great Harlot, whether unintentionally or by devotion. Laws and morals are driven and defined by the economy which gives the government the power to bring about trust and devotion. We, on the other hand, are citizens of the household of God. Jesus is our King and Lord. We should support nothing that stands in opposition to Him and His truth!

Many conservative Christians believe that being Republican is synonymous with being a Christian. The two-party system gives the illusion of freedom, but it may be closer to what Judge Napolitano said, “The two parties are two legs on the same body.” In other words, the two-party system only provides the illusion of having an actual choice. We should never vote party, we should vote values.

As the darkness emerges it becomes clear that both parties are committed to a big government, national debt, no borders, and thousands of other absurd and often anti-biblical policies. But even the best government can only do so much. Righteousness can never be established through government. Government can, at best, give us a peaceful environment wherein we can reach our nation and the world with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. The love of God in the hearts of men is the only solution for the problems of our nation and our world. Put your trust and hope in God. Live a life of peace and spread His love to all mankind.

Additionally, guard your heart against the flood of lies filling educational systems, pulpits, television and false science. If you do not know these things as the Bible presents them it will be hard to intellectually withstand the onslaught of the enemy. Knowing these facts guards your mind. Believing the truth about who you are in Jesus guards your heart. Those whose hearts are not established will be overwhelmed with the deluge that is already upon us. Just as in the times of Nimrod, the one who trusts God will be ridiculed and viewed as weak. But you, “Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might” and you too will stand and overcome!

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