Introduction to Section One

From lucifer’s rebellion to the Flood

To understand the end we must understand the beginning!

JESUS SAID THE TIME OF THE END WOULD BE JUST AS IT WAS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH.i The problem is, few believers have a true biblical picture of what really happened in the years preceding the flood. Yet, in order to recognize what will occur in the world just prior to the physical return of the Lord Jesus, we must decipher world events. Even more important is the fact that those who served God were delivered from darkness prior to the flood and their deliverance occurred in many different ways. The one common denominator was they heard and followed the voice of God as He led. In other words, they had “ears to hear.”

Spiritual Guide

If you struggle with these concepts, please feel free to visit which will give you expanded information and other resource material. If you want “ears to hear” it starts now with prayer and the intention to hear what you may have never heard, see what you may have never seen, and embrace ideas you may have never considered!

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