The Mother of Heaven

The mother of heaven is the great whore who calls all men to serve her son!

Introduction to Chapter 6:

THE BOOK OF JEREMIAH MAKES FIVE REFERENCES TO THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN. Ezekiel mentions the women of Israel giving worship for Tammuz, the false Christ supposedly born by the supernatural conception of Nimrod’s “sun rays” warming Semiramis. Dozens of mentions by as many terminologies are used to reference Babylon and its anti-God beliefs. By the time Israel and Judah went into captivity Mystery Babylon had infiltrated Jehovah worship. By the time the children of Israel went into captivity, idolatrous images had been painted on the walls of the temple, many of which directly deified Nimrod, Tammuz, and Semiramis. The Israelites literally participated in idolatry in the temple of God! They rejected the warnings of the prophets and every attempt on God’s part to rescue them. They would not listen. Sadly, it was only after suffering the consequences of their rebellious idolatry that they turned back to God.

Spiritual Guide

(The Spiritual Guide section of each chapter should be reviewed after reading the corresponding chapter.)
I don’t think buildings and organizations are evil. God is able and willing to work through whatever culture there is as long as that culture doesn’t oppose the truth. This is not a call to turn against organized religion; it is a call to know God for yourself. Develop a life of godliness through your own personal faith. Have a discussion with your family and decide now how you will live or die as you walk with God. Make the life decisions now that you should have made when you came to Jesus. The number one decision is about your relationship with Jesus as Lord. Will you trust the Word of God and Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection as your absolute truth?

Jesus warned there would be lying signs and wonders, and others would come declaring themselves to be the Christ. Is your heart established in a relationship with God to such a degree that you will be unmoved by signs and wonders, great revelations and prophecies, new scientific discoveries, the appearance of aliens that challenge everything you have believed about the human race? But more than anything else, are you willing, with God’s help, to face death before compromise? These are the challenges that faced the early Church, this was the decision of every convert in Communist countries, and it is the decision believers in Muslim-dominated countries are facing today. Outside of North America, true believers around the world have faced persecution for decades. We never thought it could happen here, but according to God’s Word… it most surely will! In our ease we have lost touch with the eternal struggle for our soul!

First and foremost, develop you own private, intimate relationship with God through the Lord Jesus. If you are a new believer or your faith has been unstable and unrewarding you may want to take our free online course: Living Under Lordship. Begin studying the Word of God. Don’t seek theological answers; seek wisdom for living a godly, powerful life. Become a witness. Share your faith with people who are interested. Develop a serious, effective prayer life. Spend time meditating on the promises of God. Find a healthy church that believes the Bible and preaches salvation by faith. Develop healthy relationships with godly people who are seeking after God. Commit to being a disciple who is actively building your life on the Word of God. And above all, follow Jesus as your Lord!

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