The-political-elite-37For 60 years Christians and conservatives have tried to live and let live but no matter what compromises were made it became increasingly clear the elitists don’t want to win, they want us gone!

In the revolutionary ‘60s only the occasional activist actually stated their goals. Elitists never reveal their true goals. They push to pass laws in the name of humanity and compassion, then we discover they intend to take those laws to the most extreme possibility. Laws that gullible and sometimes complicit lawmakers agreed to in an effort to help people, were nothing more than a ruse that opened the door to extreme abuse.

There were the rare times like when Bill Ayers, the leader of a murderous radical group and a long-time friend and supporter of Obama, explained that hundreds of thousands will need to die in America for the left to bring its goals to fruition, but the cause justifies the means. The destruction of America, our influence in the world and our economy all have one primary goal: eradicate the knowledge of God in the earth.

The elitists on both the left and right hate God and His Word. The commandments that God provided as Divine Prescriptions for how to have the happiest, best life possible are viewed as restrictions by those who only desire to indulge their flesh. Only by abolishing the meager, yet lingering traditional Judeo-Christian values and morals still held by the majority of Americans can they create the world they want. When there are no absolute morals every person can fulfill his perverted desires with no voice to condemn them and no voice to protect the innocent. So they need to get rid of us… and there are no lengths they won’t attempt to do just that.

The following exerpts from an article in shows the mindset that has been educating our children for decades.

A Harvard law professor suggests that conservative and religious objectors to same-sex marriage need to be treated like Nazis were treated following World War II.”

The left and the elitists on the right think anyone who questions global warming, same sex marriage, evolution and a long list of other unscriptural positions should be imprisoned or eliminated.

Tushnet believes that liberals should be planning to take advantage of the situation by compiling a list of court cases that should be overturned to push through a liberal judicial system.”

The reason our courts are overwhelmed and it’s practically impossible to get justice in real life matters is because the elitists use the courts and liberal judges to make laws. Why pass laws when you can create precedence?

You might ask, “What is an elitist?” Elitists exist on both sides of the aisle. They’re more noticeable on the left but, trust me, there are an unbelievable number of elitist Republicans. Elitists believe they’re the only ones enlightened enough to make decisions about law, morality and ethics. They think they should raise your children and they’re doing it through the public education system. They think they should control healthcare so they can eventually decide who lives and dies. They want to control what you think and if they can’t do that they want you eradicated.

The average conservative or Christian refuses to accept that there are those in public office evil enough to sacrifice the lives of hundreds of thousands of people to accomplish their goals. According to one historian, the failure of all civilized society comes when those people assume that everyone is civilized and moral. We have ignored the biblical warnings of what’s happening in the world, but I have good news.

You don’t have to go to total negativity, fear or extreme survival mode. Jesus taught us what to do when we faced this time in history. He taught us how to overcome no matter how great the opposition. If you want to know how to prepare for what’s coming and develop the heart of a true overcomer then you must read Apocalypse: A Spiritual Guide to the Second Coming. Get it in hardback or download it today! You’ll always understand what’s happening in the world and you’ll always know how to respond to win every time!