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10 Essentials Every Believer Needs to be an Overcomer in the Days Ahead.

The list of destructive religious myths taught about the End Times may in fact be the major contributor to the great falling away, but as you will soon see, End Time prophecies are not that difficult to understand. While the Tribulation will be the worst tribulation since the world began, if properly armed with the truth we will be focused on and experiencing God’s promises all the way to the end, all the way to the rapture whenever and wherever that happens.

Do you want to know?

  • What Jesus said about preparing for the End Times.
  • How the world actually reached the point of darkness it is in today.
  • How to guarantee against falling into End Times deception.
  • How to focus on the solutions to End Times calamities.
  • How to reach the world in the midst of tribulation.
  • How to be completely free of fear.
  • Understand the greatest lie overshadowing nearly all End Times teaching.

Reviews for Apocalypse: A Spiritual Guide to the Second Coming

Dr. Jim Richards

Dr. Jim Richards

Apocalypse Book 3D

Based on the book: Apocalypse: A Spiritual Guide for the Second Coming

“This book is a must read for every believer.
It covers the span of Biblical and secular history to create a clear picture of our current times and how we should respond. This book is both a wake up call and a manual to overcome the dark days before the dawn.
This is a dense (though easy to read), passionate, powerful read that is an essential for every believer’s library. This may well give you the tools you need to be an overcomer in the days ahead.
Bravo, Dr. Richards! I thank you heartily, for pouring your heart into this message that the Church so desperately needs to hear.”

Goodbean Reader

“Great book, encouraging and insightful. I would recommend all Believers that want to be overcomes read this. Also, all that want to have clarity of mind about where we are historically.”

Lelia Bennett

“I would consider this book to be a must read for all those who feel so bombarded by the voices and confusion of our world today that you are left feeling over whelmed.
It has caused me to rethink my life. I plan to reread much of it and spend what time I have left in prayer and my purpose for being here as I make ready for what is to come. Blessings to all…”

Carol M Draper

“If you need a complete guide and insight to the second coming of Christ, this book will provide! He has a CD set that isn’t him reading the book but like a conference so it is a great supplement to the book! His books have short chapters that are easy reads so you can meditate on each one! I recommend anything he puts his name on!”

Kimberly I Smith

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