10 Essentials for Every Believer to be an Overcomer Today and in the Tribulation to Come

10 Essentials for Every Believer to be an Overcomer Today and in the Tribulation to Come

1. Know trust and apply Jesus’ teaching for preparation

His truth is applicable whether we are in the Great Tribulation or any tribulation for our faith. I’ve never heard any End Time teaching that emphasized what Jesus said as it relates to being an over comer. The Church needs to know specifically what Jesus taught in order to be equipped to overcome all of the obstacles. We must be equipped to win over the opposition. Apocalypse: A Spiritual Guide to the Second Coming points us to the specific lessons Jesus taught us to be Overcomers in any tribulation.

2. We must understand how the world actually reached this place of massive darkness.

It’s impossible to understand what’s happening in the world and understand what’s going to be coming in the future if we don’t understand how we actually got here. In other words, we need to know the beginning, and unless we interpret scripture with scripture to truly understand and discover what the Bible says about what happened from the beginning, we just come up with sensational current events and ideas which really make no sense from a biblical point of view. A large portion of Apocalypse: A Spiritual Guide to the Second Coming is a spiritual interpretation of world history, it makes the Bible make sense in a world that’s filled with religion, false science and gross deception.

3. We must establish our hearts in the New Covenant or we risk falling into deception.

Deception is the most repeated biblical warning concerning the End Times. The continual struggle of the children of Israel and the Old Testament, which is a type and a model that we should look at, was their failure to establish their hearts in the covenant God had made with them. Likewise, a failure to know, believe and function within the authority of the New Covenant leaves us susceptible to the wiles of the Devil.

4. We must prepare ourselves to follow the one instruction given by Jesus more than any other, “Hear what the Spirit is saying.”

The Holy Spirit will guide and will empower any believer who can hear his voice, who will hear his voice and who will follow his voice, he will guide and equip us through every step of whatever we must face. It will not be our trust in our doctrine that will deliver us from evil, it will be our capacity and willingness to hear, trust and follow the Holy Spirit that will determine our victory.

5. We must remove our focus from all of the calamities that will come upon the world, and focus on God’s solutions.

God’s children don’t need mere theological answers, we need solutions. Nearly ever chapter Apocalypse: A Spiritual Guide to the Second Coming provides practical steps to equip believers to face and overcome issues addressed in that particular chapter. This results in hope and faith, no matter what the obstacle is.

6. We must recover our vision for reaching the world, not converting the world.

You see, we have never followed Jesus’ commission to turn the world into disciples, instead we just turned the world into converts and haven’t taught them how to walk with God and be empowered by the Holy Spirit. But preaching the gospel of the Kingdom is the way we will accomplish this, the gospel of the Kingdom is a message that presents Jesus as Lord and points to his eminent return to establish His Kingdom here on Earth when it seems the kingdom of darkness has won. We must be willing to participate in the greatest world wide move of God ever witnessed, and instead of believers retreating and hiding in survival mode, overcomers will be prepared to go forth to the ends of the Earth with incredible signs following.

7. We must see God’s faithfulness to the believer in all End Time prophecy.

We’ve been delivered from the wrath of God but we have been conditioned by years of religious teaching to focus on the wrath of God, therefore most believers think that God will pour his wrath on us because of all of our failures. Apocalypse: A Spiritual Guide to the Second Coming builds hope and faith; not by extrapolating a particular end time doctrine concerning the rapture, but by focusing on the covenant that God made through the Lord Jesus. To put our hope of victory in any doctrine is not only a substitute for trusting in and following Jesus, personally, it can be a recipe for anger and resentment towards God, if the your particular version of the rapture doesn’t happen the way you think it should be. No matter what happens, no matter when the rapture happens we need to know that we are absolutely free from the wrath of God because of this covenant.

8. We must free ourselves from the overwhelming fear concerning the end, induced by all of these religious End Time teachings that we’ve heard all of these years.

Apocalypse: A Spiritual Guide to the Second Coming provides the biblical bases for the believer to overcome negative fear based doctrines about God, and establish people in an absolute trust for a loving and faithful God.

9. We must correct the one greatest lie that overshadows nearly all teachings about the tribulation.

The predominant lie about the tribulation is this – the tribulation is God’s wrath against the world. In other words, most people think that God is so angry at the entire world that he is pouring out his wrath and is causing all of these catastrophes to happen. This is a false doctrine that will cause millions to turn their backs on God when the begin to blame him for their suffering, The tribulation does not occur because God is so angry he decides to destroy the world, the tribulation occurs because Man has finally taken the world so far away from God and his Word that it’s filled with chaos and death. The first three and a half years of tribulation is the tribulation of the Antichrist against all the inhabitants of the Earth, the last three and a half years is the Great Tribulation against the Antichrist and his followers. When God’s wrath is poured out, every believer needs to know that we are delivered from the wrath of God, it will never touch us because we are in Jesus.

10. We must realize that all the natural disasters leading up to and through the tribulation are the work of man.

Man’s pollution and destruction of the natural world is deliberately created by the wicked who seek to destroy most of the world’s population, but even worse they seek to cause the believer to blame God for what they are doing in the world. Scientifically we know that in the 20th and 21st centuries, war, famine, pestilence and even earthquakes are the result of the way man has mismanaged the planet, or they’ve been driven by man’s greed and his desire to overthrow the world.

The list of destructive religious myths taught about the End Times may in fact be the major contributor to the great falling away, but as you will soon see, End Time prophecies are not that difficult to understand. While the Tribulation will be the worst tribulation since the world began, if properly armed with the truth we will be focused on and experiencing God’s promises all the way to the end, all the way to the rapture whenever and wherever that happens.

From Dr. Jim Richards’ book: Apocalypse: A spiritual Survival Guide to the Second Coming

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