The God of Creation: Truth or Lie

Science is slowly, but surely, catching up with the Bible. In fact, the only discrepancies between the Bible and science are the inaccurate interpretations of either Scripture or scientific data by those who are either ignorant or working an agenda. Faith (absolute trust), which is essential for walking with God, is rooted in what we believe about creation (Hebrews 11:1-13). With the advent of quantum science evidence points out that God’s Word is exactly precise in its account of creation. This is something that every person needs to know, especially those who are being seduced by the false “science of evolution.” Free yourself and your children from the deception of false science. Join me this week and recover your faith in the God of creation! Discover the incredible truth that has been hidden for thousands of years and only now, with the advances in science, revealing the truth of God’s Word. Share this message with all your friends; it’s important for every believer!

God or Science: Who’s Right?

Is it possible that earth was created in six twenty-four hour days? If so, this would mean that man has only been on Planet Earth for less than 6000 years; yet, we have recorded fossils and energetic studies of the universe that say the earth is over 15 billion years old. So which is true? You’ll be amazed to discover the answer! What will shock you even more is the cover-up that has gone on for nearly a century disproving Darwin’s theory of evolution. Knowing these facts is essential to protecting yourself from the deluge of false science designed to destroy your faith. Join me this week and take a quantum leap in your faith as you discover the trustworthiness of God’s Word!

Science: The New Religion

Science has become the new religion for the world. Corrupt science feeds false information to the public; then based on false science the government passes laws that affect everything from what medicines we take, to what is injected into our food, to what can be taught in our schools. The market is flooded with toxic items that are killing us and our children are being robbed of their faith, but because we have been told it is scientifically-proven, we harden our hearts to God’s Word. There is a war for your soul and false science is at the core of what is corrupting our world! Join me this week and get your eyes opened to what’s happening in the world’s system and discover what you can do to protect your heart!

Suppressing the Truth

This universe and everything in it is a testimony to the love of God! There are millions of factors that must be perfectly tuned in order for life to exist on Planet Earth. In fact, modern science recognizes that this universe was designed to bring forth and support life. Every second of every day trillions of cells perform billions of activities that are only possible because of the perfectly-tuned balance between our body and all things in the universe. But all of these truths are purposely suppressed. The same spirit that works in religion to make you believe God is an angry, vengeful God works in governments to suppress and pervert the truth of God! Join me this week as we discuss how wonderfully God created this universe and how all of creation shouts the glory of the God of love!

The War for Your Faith

There is a war for your soul. Most believers understand this, but few realize how that warfare is played out. While we’re busy jumping through religious hoops, the enemy is filling our mind with lies against God. This week we will discuss the four main areas used to deceive us: the occult (secret societies), governments of the world (using educational systems), false science (including medical science), and religion (those who speak in the name of Jesus but do not base their teaching on the Word of God). We are living in a time when there will be a great falling away. Guard your heart with the truth of God’s Word and the knowledge of the enemy’s strategies.

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