Apocalypse: A Spiritual Guide to the Second Coming

4 Session video broadcast

The Father of all Lies

We all know satan is the father of all lies, but what most don’t know is how those lies alienate us from God. All corrupt doctrine about God was planted in earth by rebellious “fallen” angels. The most corrupt alliance between man and the wicked one was the inter-breeding between fallen angels and the daughters of men that produced the Nephilim, an unholy breed of demons with bodies of men. They taught all negative doctrine about God to men and it has been passed on for 6,000 years. Join me this week for Impact CyberChurch and learn the source of all faith-robbing doctrine and how you can guard your heart against it!


Mystery Babylon and Global Corruption

Mystery Babylon is the source of all occult, secret religious societies, false religions, cults, and corrupt governments. It embraces the lies that say God is harsh and judgmental and His commandments are the source of all pain in the world. It views Lucifer as the great liberator who brought knowledge, light, and revelation to man. Today it consists of the elite who seek to eliminate all who believe in God and trust His Word. This week you will learn the sinister strategies of Mystery Babylon and how you can live free from her seductive influence.


The Coming Antichrist

The reason we are so confused about the Antichrist and the end is because we are ignorant of the beginning. We read the Book of Revelation and we’re like people who walk into the middle of a complex mystery movie. We didn’t see the beginning where all the characters and their roles were defined, so we attempt to understand the plot and the end without the essential information. Until you understand the first Antichrist, you will never understand the last Antichrist. Join me this week as we not only identify the last Antichrist, but we also learn the secret to overcoming when he rises to his ultimate power!


The Great Deception

As we race toward the rise of the Antichrist the greatest danger for the believer is deception. Deception will swallow most of the world’s population. Because religion has so perverted the truth about God, many believers will lose faith. One of the greatest lies about the end is, “The end is when God gets so angry at the world He finally pours out His wrath to punish us!” This is absolutely untrue; yet it is what most Christians believe. How can we reach out to God for help, protection, and provision if we believe He is the author of the darkest times the world has ever seen? We can’t! This erroneous doctrine is all part of the great deception. Join me this week as I share what Jesus taught us about overcoming the deception of the end!

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